Hello#icp, I'm Spinner. Please meet zk-SNARK.


Private Notes

A user mints private notes and deposits a matching amount of tokens (e.g. ICP) to the Spinner smart contract. These notes can be used to withdraw funds at any time.

Hidden Ledger

Spinner keeps no record of user accounts or addresses. Users never submit their private notes to Spinner, and Spinner transactions remain fully anonymous.

Zero Knowledge

Private notes can be used to prove that a matching deposit exists for a withdrawal request, without revealing any knowledge about the actual deposit, thanks to zk-SNARK.

No Bridge

Spinner users will benefit from Internet Computer's direct integration with BTC, and enjoy private transactions directly on the Bitcoin blockchain without any bridges.


June 2022

Supernova Hackathon

Take it for a spin!

Token Plan

Reward liquidity providers with SPNR tokens.

July 2022

BTC Beta

Early preview of private BTC transactions.

Transaction logs

Keep a local activity record.

Aug 2022

Secure logins

Never lose access to your account!

Key Ceremony

Secure the zk-SNARK circuits.


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